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A spray tan (also referred to as a sunless tan) has become more and more popular over the last few years and gives your skin a nice healthy glow. It works by spraying the solution (which is all natural) onto your skin which bonds to the top layer of your skin surface and as such makes them temporary, usually lasting 5 -10 days.

      There are many great reasons to get a Spray On Tan including:

      o Helps hide Freckles and makes your skin appear more even
      o Can hide pigmentation spots on your skin
      o You look heathier and it aides in hiding your cellulite
      o You’ll feel better about yourself
      o Great for before and after holidays

SunFX™ was formed in 1999 when there became a need for a 'safer' tanning option to be offered to the market. They embarked on creating a successful company who introduced the following industry breakthroughs to the spray tanning market:

      o All Natural Tanning Solutions - Australian Made with No alcohol,
          No artificial preservatives or parabans, No perfumes, No Odour
      o High Velocity Low Pressure (HVLP) Application Systems
      o Globally approved HVLP system for Spray Tanning
      o International Award Winning Design
          (SunFX™ Pro Series Applicator)

If you are looking for a great tan these are some of the reasons we recommend a Spray Tan from a SunFX™ Beauty Salon:

      o They have a very quick applicator spray tan gun
      o They are quick dry so you can shower sooner
          (2 hours with the new Solution SunFX Rapid)
      o There are many colour options you should discuss with
          your tanning specialist
      o You can refresh your tan at home with a spray bottle of 'white out'.
On top of that, we are a well known brand within the industry and as such we are able to bring new clients to you through our marketing efforts (including a salon finder) which will help you promote your other business services


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