Facial Laser treatments

We are using top Swiss technology, helping with acne, wrinkles, scars, herpes etc. For laser therapy, free consultation is provided. Lasocare is quite different from other dermatological and cosmetic treatments in use today. The Lasocare method has been developed and tested in recent years in Switzerland, Germany, France and Belgium. This research has led to the development of a unique product by combining the revitalizing biological effects of lasers and the rejuvenating and cleansing effects of enzymes contained in milk. Lasocare is at the pinnacle of today's "Anti-Aging" products. Our product manufactured from pure and natural ingredients of the highest quality.

The Lasocare treatment process is in two stages. The initial stage is performed by an experienced laser technician. Thereafter the treatment is applied by you at home.

    Activation by a Laser Technician.
After the skin has been professionally cleansed, the Lasocare gel is thoroughly massaged into the skin. During the drying time, which takes between 7-10 minutes, a laser beam further activates the gel.

    What happens during treatment?
The enzymes use the energy of the laser to remove bacteria from the skin and then to rejuvenate it. During the first stage the enzyme lactoferin, activated by the laser, consume the unwanted iron ions contained in the skin's natural oil secretions. These ions are necessary for the reproduction of bacteria and when removed the bacteria on the skin also begins to disappear. This gentle method of bacterial removal makes Lasocare ideal tor use on the greasy skin of teenagers, even those with acne. During the second stage, the enzyme lactoperoxidase hydrate and oxidize each skin layer. This process balances the oxygen deficiency of the skin; a problem faced by all skin types exposed to harsh environmental conditions, stress, cigarette smoke and fatigue. The effect of a better oxygen balance is seen in the improvement of the collagen tissue and in a firmer rejuvenated skin.